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WooCommerce KIT

$49 for a limited time only!

It’s easy to get lost in the sell of lists on “must-have” marketing tools. With the Woo Kit we’ve put together three different tools to give you a good starting point to increase your sales. It doesn’t matter if you have a small shop or a huge store, this kit includes what need to enhance your marketing strategy. The Wookit core comes with 3 powerful plugins that provide some must-have marketing tools for any WooCommerce shop. But it’s only just beginning: we’re already building new add-ons behind the scenes to add a lot of more value to the Wookit.

Gift Card

There are many ways to get your customers' attention. Gift cards are one of these. The Woo Kit allows you to add gift cards to your e-shop so to engage customers and keep them coming back. Discover how easy it is to set and use this powerful tool.

Flash Sales

A well executed time-bound offer may be a great way to increase your sales and earn loyalty you otherwise might not have. The Woo Kit gives you an easy to use and friendly tool to enable and manage flash sales on your store.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

This plugin allows to bring customers back to your website to complete their order.  Enable the automatic email sending and set the delay time before the email sending once the cart is abandoned.

Upcoming Addons for WooKIT

Over the next months we'll demonstrate how far we can push the WooKIT by adding new powerful marketing plugins. Stay tuned!